The Best Credit Repurchase Rates: Where Are They?

This is the question that comes up most regularly among households wishing to redeem their loans, where are the best rates? Who offers them? We answer you.

Credit repurchase: the best rate

Credit repurchase: the best rate

Contrary to what you might think, the best rates are not necessarily with banks or large brands. In repurchase of credit, there are two solutions to obtain an offer, either to pass by a traditional bank which applies its own policy, agency by agency, or to pass by an intermediary of bank type broker or agent.

In some cases and in some regions, the bank will be unbeatable, in others, it will be the broker, but why is it so difficult to find the best rate? Simply because each entity has a goal. For example, some banks will offer the best credit repurchase rate because they will be able to obtain bank direct debit, this means the possibility of repatriating the savings books and being able to offer new products, that is to say the guarantee of having an active customer and interesting.

“The best rates are everywhere, at the banks which hope to repatriate the direct debit, at the broker who must offer repurchase of credit in mass and at the insurances which can catch up on the cover of the repurchase of credit”

In other structures such as bank intermediaries, the policy will be to buy back credit in quantity, with the aim of obtaining larger mandates (remuneration) than with a lower quantity but higher rates. In other cases such as insurance companies that have embarked on loan repurchase, their objective will be to “catch up” on insurance, a product or the remuneration may be important.

Depending on the structure, the rates may vary more or less strongly.

Get the best loan repayment rate now

Get the best loan repayment rate now

Online simulation remains the best way currently to get offers to buy credit at the best rates, it is also possible to get three offers now. Simply complete the form and then validate it, the results are quickly communicated.

In terms of rates, it is advisable to compare the APR according to the lender and the amount granted because in certain cases, the lender can add an amount dedicated to a new project. In the same case, it is advisable to compare the insurance, knowing that this cover can be negotiated or concluded with another establishment.

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